Got two messages the other day from Kate and Keith. Said they had something big in the works. They told me to keep it quiet, but I’m not one for keeping many secrets. I’ll oblige them this time, I suppose. All I know is, I haven’t been down here in over three years but this place is still amazing.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching, spent a lot of good times away from the drama and tension of the Cavern, and I have a good feeling about this. Assuming the paperwork goes through, well, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, I’ve also come back to a number of problems. Number one is the location of many of my Ages. My office in Toroolbah is a mess. I’m lucky I placed descriptive books in the vault. Even so, a number of my ages are trashed. In essence, the Age was meant to be a cold storage for my Ages and materials: harder for them to decay. The problem came in my wording of the climate and how it interacted with the geology. As a result, Toroolbah was a sheet of ice above a firestorm. It seems that, in my absence, fire won and the landscape, including the glacier I was built into, have thawed. Some areas are even now active volcanic areas.

Thankfully, the Fens and Maw descriptive books remained unharmed, and I kept all of my linking books to city locations offsite. I will work on updating the restoration list as I catalog the losses. I pretty much just took as much as I could carry. As much as I hate to see my projects lost, I know that I spread myself too thin before and perhaps this is a sign to focus my efforts.

I will look at the surviving Ages tomorrow.

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