Damage Assessment

Spent the day going through the Ages and areas I salvaged from Toroolbah. Seems I was wrong about some of the D’ni areas. I keep almost all linking books in the Warehouse, but I kept most of the areas I was actively restoring or working on in Toroolbah. As a result, I’ve lost several linking books. The project list has been updated to reflect those Ages or areas lost. Fasek is the biggest one. While possible that other linking books may exist, the likelihood of me recovering another copy are slim.

For now, most Ages are suspended. Haven’t heard the verdict on me yet, so I’m taking it slow. Also, my equipment is still broken. I’m going to need to get another extruder, setter and unifier. For now, I can do some documentation work on the areas I have and I can plan out for Ages for the future.

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