Fens Evolution

Spent most of the day exploring around in Fens. Brought the inflatable raft so I wouldn’t have to spend the day coated in muck. The basin has changed dramatically in the time I’ve been gone. The climate has gotten wetter; the walls of the basin have gotten noticeably darker as the moisture is constantly condensing out of the haze. The sailbacks and rockshrooms have apparently died out in my absence. In their place, a wide variety of tall grass-like vegetation and at least one species of fungi have emerged. The glowers also have changed, or perhaps they always had a flowering base. It is truly amazing to see the basin as a living place. Boating around made me realize how incredibly difficult it id to traverse this Age. My options at the moment are to either provide this raft and equipment to maintain it, or construct some walkways.

Also, I need to set up an observation post outside the basin. I could have sworn I saw something just now.

Anyhow. Issues for another day. I first need to get some new equipment in here. The water has badly decayed my old crates. I suppose another important note is that the house is gone as well. I spent a lot of time with those support structures, and I even used rockshroom for the roof, but I can’t find a trace of it anymore. I’ll work on replacing the notebook that was in the hut. Maybe include a linking book to the Nexus too. Definitely going someplace on the main island. I don’t want people catching pandimensional cholera or something in these waters. I’ve tested them, but the tests only check for what the D’ni thought of…

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