Something Old, Something New

Just a heads up for anyone curious, I’ve updated my projects page with the revised list of D’ni locations. Given that I’m finally starting restoration work in other areas, the list isn’t going to get much love anytime soon, but I need a break from slogging through Fens scum. There are still one or two odd Ages that might show up on that list, or sense might overcome me and some might be shelved indefinitely.

One thing that’s changing is definitely going to be Age complexity. I’ve shied away from getting involved in demanding Ages like Testeegahn, but seeing the success of the new Messenger Pub has got me thinking I can get some help restoring some of these machines to give explorers some fun, safe, entertainment.

In addition, I’m considering taking a second look at Bimevi and Tosholek soon. Again, I need some time to get algae out of my pants. My skills at restoration seem to have only improved with time and the last thing I want to do is leave poorly-restored Ages and areas.

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