I’m pretty sure I’m going to move my supplies and materials to Eder Jonim. I had been using an Age I wrote called the Warehouse for a number of years, but the Age has always had problems. The intensely arid environment has made construction difficult and the storage pods are not keeping the sand out. Secondly, one of Eder Jonim’s features is a large research warehouse which has remained largely intact. This coupled with the Age’s current arid state means I have access to D’ni storage containers designed to contain their books and materials rather than having to construct them myself. Futhermore, since the loss of the office, I haven’t had any place where people can actually visit and read my translations of D’ni parables. If I can set up in the research facility and open the Trench to explorers, it would make a great place to showcase my parables and histories as I translate them.

In terms of other Ages, I have made significant progress on Phase 1 of Ishveer. The Age is clearly going to be a challenge to restore both because of the state of the Age as well as the lack of concrete information on the Age. More than any other Age, Ishveer seems to be “lost to time” the most. I’ve found the parable, a couple of commercial documents, and an alleged diplomatic missive but very little else. So getting an understanding of the Age is going to be the real challenge.

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