The Project

I realize I haven’t posted much about the Project lately. After I got access, I did some survey work of some of the areas and talked about it with some of the team. Looks like I was right, it’s going to be a lot of work, but if we can get this stuff going… It’s probably the only stuff capable of pulling me away from my own projects. I worry that I don’t have much to offer, but the team assures me I’ll be needed down the road.

Meanwhile, Jonim seems to be a welcome respite from the swamplands of Fens, considering it’s practically the complete opposite. Got the mapping done today. Looks like I found the “proper” entrance first and only recently found the way the lackeys and D’ni interns were getting in. I’m focusing on restoring the intern’s path, considering the internals of this thing seem sound. Plus, it’ll give people the authentic D’ni experience. Or some nonsense like that. This place is old, and even I’m getting mixed up with all the layers of history. They probably would’ve had to pay you to buy this thing near the end though, I’m sure. Still not sure how it got in this state.

Alright, enough teasing. It is confusing, though. Bottom line is it looks like this Age was written to help combat the Plague. “Now what’s a garden age got to do with the plague” you ask? Funny thing happened on the way. Apparently this wasn’t a garden age to begin with, but something happened and they made it a garden Age. Eder Jonim isn’t its first name, that’s for sure. I’m not sure it even had a name to begin with. The D’ni weren’t exactly keeping meticulous records in the face of extinction. I’ve got some ideas as to what they were doing here, given by the machinery, but I haven’t found any proof yet. If it’s true, it certainly is incredible how this Age survived till now. Should have probably been stripped of the facility and sold off as a mining Age.

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