Tosholek Work

Working on Tosholek has been just the thing to get my mind off Fens. Nothing like hard rock and sharp edges to relieve the boredom of dealing with soft swamp and round plant bulbs. The main issue remaining it seems is getting these damn firemarbles to work properly. Thankfully, my work on the Project has yielded me some information on how to get these things working.

Contrary to popular opinion, the D’ni don’t seem to have “powered” firemarbles. They aren’t like lights that one turns on or off with electricity. A marble is usually always on, but it seems the casing is altered in a way similar to polarizing a lens. The light stays on but the casing ceases to be transparent. This is what I think happens in Teledahn and other Ages. When the power comes on, the casing is activated and turns transparent or translucent. The D’ni could use this to create wonderful effects in their Ages and in D’ni itself. By controlling how and where power flowed, I believe they manipulated the lights to give off hard or soft light as desired. By making the casing more translucent than transparent, the light is obscured and softened.

When I first restored Tosholek, I had no understanding of this system and just pushed power in full. This resulted in the strong lighting seen there. This also means there’s no record of what settings Sholek used in this area. Considering it was probably not used much after Sholek’s insanity and later death, it’s very hard to know how to set the power regulators. So, I have to check things, send the power through, and repeat. Kate, Keith, and Adam have all been very good about helping me with this.

Finally, I’ll say it again, it’s astonishing to me how quickly this stuff all comes back to me. I’ve been gone for a good two years but I’ve slipped back into my familiar routines here and, thankfully, much of my work is still here. Once I can get Tosholek and Fens back up to my standards, I’m unsure what to work on next. I’ve been mapping out many of my projects so I have a lot to choose from. If you have one that you think I should work on, let me know in the comments.

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