Kahlo Tour


Bone Valley

Keith and I took a trip to Kahlo the other day. Ever since I came to the cavern, I’ve been interested in Kahlo more than any other Age on the DRC’s project list. Finally setting foot in it was like a dream come true. The Age is incredible, and massive. Larger area open to exploration than any other Age released so far, except Minkata. If I remember my history, the Age served as a kind of arena or race track. There were some kind of strange flying squid creatures that people would ride in the games broadcast from here to the ruined pub by the Great Stairs. I didn’t see a single one on my trip, so I imagine they’re pretty rare. As far as I know, the D’ni domesticated them, so perhaps they’ve flown off to other areas without their old masters. I seem to remember that Chloe or Adam were working with some that they found. From what I’ve read, I’m definitely looking forward to playing this game.


Looking out to Eyeball Lake

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