Haven’t been down in a while. Surface work seems to always take priority. Found a Maintainer testing bay of some kind a few days ago. Looks like they were working on a newer version of the portable extruder tech we use. Current model is like a sledgehammer, great for discontiguing a wall or coalescing a conference room, but pretty shoddy at making anything fine and intricate like integrated wiring or sequence strings. I still have a lot of work to do to get this up and running but, if/when I can, it’s going to make restoring mechanisms a lot easier. D’ni didn’t exactly make it’s devices with easy-open panel, up until this point I usually had to cut a terminal open manually, fix any of the devices inside, and then seal it back up again. reducing the influence sphere of the extruder means I can do all the internal work from the outside. Also probably means I can put better locks on some of this stuff.

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