About Me

I had always loved the Myst games, though I never once suspected that the games were, in fact, historical accounts. I found D’ni in 2005 when I felt called to a certain section of New Mexico where the great D’ni empire lay empty and dormant. After taking Yeesha’s journey, I left for a short period of time to gather supplies for what became a near-permanent stay in the Cavern.

After the first year or so of wandering around and making friends with the small number of explorers who remained here despite and in spite of the DRC’s wishes, the DRC announced that the Cavern would be re-opening and the DRC would be approving new ages. It was also around this time that I ran for the DRC Liaison positions (a position which ultimately failed).

Shortly after the Restoration was restarted, I worked with an explorer named Calam (or Kal) to form the Uru Guilds site and helped get the idea of Guilds off the ground. As that began to happen, though, the DRC lost funding a second time and left to try to secure a new funder. I, along with most other explorers, decided to stay. I found, however, that the city instances I used to be able to use to visit friends were now re-routed to ones which were completely private. Within the last year, I was able to get access to a cavern populated by fellow explorers. I have written or restored several Ages for either personal or public use. Currently, I’m writing Ages for the Guild of Writers.

About the Ages

Ages written or restored by me go through a long period of analysis and research to ensure the Ages are safe in the long-term for exploration. Even so, there will be problems. If you run into an issue in one of the Ages I’ve released, leave a message here and I will resolve the issue as soon as possible.