Got two messages the other day from Kate and Keith. Said they had something big in the works. They told me to keep it quiet, but I’m not one for keeping many secrets. I’ll oblige them this time, I suppose. All I know is, I haven’t been down here in over three years but this place is still amazing.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching, spent a lot of good times away from the drama and tension of the Cavern, and I have a good feeling about this. Assuming the paperwork goes through, well, the possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, I’ve also come back to a number of problems. Number one is the location of many of my Ages. My office in Toroolbah is a mess. I’m lucky I placed descriptive books in the vault. Even so, a number of my ages are trashed. In essence, the Age was meant to be a cold storage for my Ages and materials: harder for them to decay. The problem came in my wording of the climate and how it interacted with the geology. As a result, Toroolbah was a sheet of ice above a firestorm. It seems that, in my absence, fire won and the landscape, including the glacier I was built into, have thawed. Some areas are even now active volcanic areas.

Thankfully, the Fens and Maw descriptive books remained unharmed, and I kept all of my linking books to city locations offsite. I will work on updating the restoration list as I catalog the losses. I pretty much just took as much as I could carry. As much as I hate to see my projects lost, I know that I spread myself too thin before and perhaps this is a sign to focus my efforts.

I will look at the surviving Ages tomorrow.

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Something’s happening in the cavern, again. It seemed pretty dead up until recently when I heard some explorers had found old Illusionist equipment. I don’t really have an interest in that. I much prefer these histories I’ve found. Not heading back into the cavern, though. Too dangerous. I’ll probably stay in Toroolbah. I really need to expand this place.

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After restoring Sholek’s Temple, I’m tackling something substantially larger. I haven’t made it much past Fasek’s waiting room (the building is badly damaged) but the designs for this place seem massive. I’d imagine they could have fit twice the population of the D’ni empire in this place (not sure why they’d need so much space). As far as I can tell, the building is underground. The plans I have show fifty floors, but the document isn’t complete. This place doesn’t seem to have always been on the up-and-up, so I’m not surprised I can’t find much on it. This place’ll take some time. I’m spending my days squeezing through tight spaces between the rubble so I can see what’s up ahead. As for right now, I think I found one of the rooms marked “warden’s office” (warden being a modification of “protector” and “maintainer”).

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Fehnir’s House

Seems my urge to explore isn’t always a good thing. Linked into a house in D’ni from a book I found in one of Keith’s areas (I won’t say where so he doesn’t have more unwanted visitors). Looks like a nice place. Might be on Ae’gura but I can’t tell. Interesting to see an account of someone during the Fall, particularly that set of paintings.

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New D’ni Location

Been neglecting this blog for a while. I’ve spent more time reading histories than I’d like to admit.

Recently I got my hands on an area in D’ni. Seems like it might be the City Proper, but the coordinates are shot. Smallish place. I should be able to restore it fairly quickly. Can’t stop this feeling like I’m being watched, though. Probably the eye motif I see in this place.

I’m still working on a consultant-basis with SR. Interesting stuff, but it takes time away from my Ages. I really want to clean up Vasaran…

Speaking of which, this new D’ni location has some tie into Vasaran. Not quite sure how, but I found the book to the D’ni area under some rubble in the main chamber in Vasaran. There are plenty of documents here, so once I’m finished looking through them I should have a better idea of what this place is.

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New Theme

Changed the theme around on the blog. I might spend some time organizing things in the projects area so the pull-down menu isn’t so long.

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Pellet Research

Decided to start logging pellets again. This time I figured I should let other people see it so people can have some data to base their pellets on. There’s a new page on this blog with a link to the numbers and some useful date (average point yield per pellet, points per hour of cooking, etc.).

Began to clear the debris leading to the second half of the canyon. Still looking for information on the Age. No name yet, but an Age similar to it was owned by the Guild of Healers at one point to try and develop a cure for some common ailment.

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Arthur showed up again, out of the blue. I talked to him for a while. He seems a lot more together than he was last time, but he’s still obviously been affected by his journey. “The Breaker is coming. The Devil is coming.” were the two things he says he’s seen in his dreams.

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Trip to the Corridor

The Bookroom

Click to Enlarge

Managed to get to the Corridor today. I still can’t find much on the Age itself. Obviously someone put books here, but I can’t find out who or why. It seems different from other private libraries.

Anyhow, the texts are going well. Still working on getting more of the Age logs together for the project page.

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Updated Projects and the Corridor

Over the past couple days I’ve been updating my projects. First consolidating them into a single page (credit for the idea goes to Tweek) and then adding more detailed pages with what records I have.

The interesting news is that the Corridor passed Phase 1. It might have to wait a while before being released as I would like to release it along with the Ages I found along with it. I might post some pictures tomorrow if I get a chance.

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