People Returning to the Cavern

Darn, I lost my hat. I’ll have to look around for a replacement today. It’s nice to see more explorers down here.

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History, Sarim, and The Canyon

Finally getting back from my more recent explorations. Still a lot to do. Even with the Cavern re-opening again, I’ll be spending some time working out what’s going on in these Ages.

One Age I found some four months ago. It consists of a vast desert wasteland, littered with skeletons of two opposing armies. One group appear to either be D’ni or clad in D’ni style armor. The other side are clad is a different style of armor and have long forearms, probably long enough to comfortably walk on all-fours. The Age is highly volatile. My guess is that it has something to do with the two army’s weaponry. The Age is never something I would bring people to (or even spend much time in myself) but there does appear to be substantial history behind the battle which I’m just getting around to research.

Then there’s Sarim. I found it several months ago in the ruins of an estate. No survivors I can find in the Age, but it was preserved from the plague. Native inhabitants were wiped out similar to how they were in  Bimevi. The Age consists mostly of a vast canyon, overlooked by a large temple/garden. Looks wonderful, but the grass is pretty much the only thing able to survive here. Still testing the soil samples, but I have a feeling whatever toxin was used hasn’t gone away. It was owned by a man named Oomesh, given to him by his father as a present when he was a child. Seems someone didn’t like the fact that there were some natives there and wiped it all out. Still doing more research on what happened to Oomesh.

Lastly, there’s the Age I’ve been spending most of my time in. Found it about a month ago. Haven’t found a name for it, though. Littered with fish skeletons and amphibious creatures. I get the impression this was some sort of underwater D’ni research station that drained rapidly. Really interesting (and frightening) rock formations here. Always worried a boulder’s going to come loose. Still, if I can get the stations secure the rest of the Age is fine. It reminds me of Gira a bit.

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DRC Updates

Looks like the DRC are coming down over the weekend. Kodama and Sutherland, at least. I haven’t been in the cavern much recently. I’m busy right now getting supplies together for some explorations in Sarim. I might pop in this weekend, see if I can find any DRC coming down here.

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Elath’s Story

I’ve added Elath’s story to the Restoration Projects page.

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Obviously been a while since I’ve updated this. Been doing extensive research on a shipment of texts I found in a storehouse of sorts. Seems like the place was designed to hide anything. A maze of sorts. I’ve gotten several texts translated which I plan to release in the next week to two. I’d also like to get a proper library for the other translated documents. For right now, though, this research is taking all my time.

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Recent Updates

I’ve been so caught up in work that I’ve been neglecting this blog. I finished a number of small improvements to Bimevi some time ago as well as finished a public space in Toroolbah for people to see the Ages I’ve released. Probably going to take a trip to the Warehouse soon and get some supplies.

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Just finished doing a little research on the warning left in Tochoortahv. Tweek’s upset, obviously. The letters don’t seem to have been carved or painted, but instead “pressed” into the stone. Could be the work of a small reclaimer or a reverse fine-edged extruder. Either way, it needed to be something that took only a minute or two to use.

Tochoortahv’s got me worried about security. I think I’ll work on some designs for a vault for my own descriptive books. I’ve got a modified fusion compounder. If I feed it the right settings, I should be able to replicate nara.

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The Traveler’s Stories

Digging around in my archive of D’ni documents, I found a rather large collection of hard-bound books whose title loosely translates to “The Traveler’s Stories”. According to them, in the later years of the empire, a wealthy guildmaster of the Surveyor’s Guild funded a rather extensive project on the cultures sometimes found within Ages. Up until that point, the only descriptions of the Ages and the people or other sentient beings contained within came from the official Maintainer’s guild logs -which, as I can say as a first-hand reader of them, were about as exciting as watching mud dry. The stories seem to have been intended to be released to the general public and allow a friendly introduction into cultures usually only the elite got an opportunity to contact. Unfortunately, D’ni was a conservative culture, especially then, and the books were mostly a failure. However, the guildmaster’s exstensive resources allowed him to force the project through to its conclusion. Given the volume and numbering on them, I seem to have the whole set. Or at least very nearly.

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I’ve been hearing strange animal calls in Fens lately. I’ll have to try and keep an eye out.

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Updated Projects

Finished a long-overdue update to the restoration projects page. Added a couple Ages and a story.

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