My projects are split into three areas:

D’ni Areas & Ages

My Ages

D’ni Texts

Age Restoration Phases

I keep track of the Ages I write or restore with a series of phases similar to those employed by the DRC in their restoration work. See here for the DRC’s phases

Age Writing Phases

Phase One: Age concept. Basic sketches of the Age are made and the Age’s purpose is worked out. If there are powered structures to be built in the age, power sources are planned.

Phase Two: Age writing. One of the most intensive phases. The Age’s descriptive book is written and double-checked against existing sources for stability.

Phase Three: Initial link. The initial link is made to determine if the Age is suitable for the purpose outlined in phase one. Tests are carried out on the Age’s environment to check for any hidden hazards. Detailed maps of the age are created and linking books are written. The descriptive book is stored in a safe place.

Phase Four: Construction: Another intensive phase. Any structures or modifications to the age are made.

Phase Five: Approval: The Age is sent to the Maintainers to be approved.

Restoration Phases

Phase One: Initial Mapping. The Age or area is mapped out in a basic form and research into the history is started.

Phase Two: Structural Analysis. All structures and supports are examined for integrity and safety. During this phase, permission is obtained from the DRC to work on and restore the Age or area.

Phase Three: Detailed Mapping. The maps from Phase One are refined and expanded upon. Historical documents are collected.

Phase Four: Restoration. The most intensive phase. The Age or area is made as safe as possible through repairs.

Phase Five: Limited Release. The Age or area is opened to the Maintainers before being released.