Bimevi was the rest Age of Neereth. It is located in a small basin.

Written in 4766 DE, Bimevi was a private rest Age written by Neereth, a successful member of the Guild of Writers. Neereth had a unique writing style which resulted in Ages which were highly praised.

According to the histories, however, when the Maintainers visited Bimevi after its completion, they discovered a small population of natives a short distance from the basin.

It is unclear whether Neereth intended this or not, but he did study them and even learned a few things from them. This attracted unwanted attention, however, and in 4769 DE the natives were killed by two D’ni men who were against outsider involvement in D’ni Ages. The men used a toxic chemical mixture which rapidly dehydrated its victims. The Maintainers investigated, however nothing was uncovered in the investigation based in large part to bribery and corruption within the Maintainers.

Over the remaining years of his life, Neereth continued to write as well as work to restore the beauty of the Age. He reportedly traveled great distances to corners of the Age un-touched by the chemical and returned with seeds and samples of plants which used to thrive in the basin. Over time, they grew and adapted to their new environment. Though it never apparently regained its original glory, it did restore some of it.

Accounts from visitors to Bimevi describe an Age that greatly resembled Earth before the chemicals. The chemicals used by the two men caused serious damage to the Age. Besides killing the native population, the chemical seeped into the soil and water. The result was a spike in the levels of minerals and pH in the soil and water. Though the many flowers have somehow retained their original color, most of the other vegetation has changed color.

Explorers should be mindful not to drink the water in the pond, as well as avoiding ingesting any plant matter. Tests have shown that nothing in the Age is hazardous to touch or be around, however they have shown a high concentration of minerals which could prove harmful if ingested.

The fallen statue at the eastern portion of the age was a statue honoring Neereth’s father, though it is unclear why he chose this Age to do so. The statue is believed to have levitated when the Age was well maintained, however it has ceased to be able to for unknown reasons. The firemarble which represented the head of the statue is missing (likely stolen sometime after Neereth’s death).

The levitating stones were meant to represent the five key virtues held by Neereth. Each gives off a different color light to reflect each of the virtues. They are:

Faith in Yahvo – Red

Generosity – Purple

Kindness – Green

Love (with the mind) – Orange

Unknown – Blue

The blue stone was damaged by the falling statue and is undergoing repairs.