Eder Jonim

A canyon littered with fish bones. Based on the design of the D’ni structures, the Age was likely underwater in D’ni times and was rapidly drained.

Restoration Log

2010/01/02: Age discovered in a trip to the City Proper.
2010/01/13: Initial link is made. Age seems stable. Arrived in a D’ni monitoring pod. Noted differences from Reziksev’s pods
2010/01/27: Explorations show a large number of giant fish skeletons. Smaller sites preserved.
2010/03/29: Age’s name discovered: Eder Jonim.
2014/06/14: Found more source material. Moving sensitive materials here from, and decommissioning, the Warehouse.
2014/06/15: Phase 1 complete. Needed quite a bit of preliminary work, but the bridge should hold.
2014/07/09: Phase 2 complete. Everything looks fine. I want to get some help with Phase 3. I’m not one for detailed mapping.