Eder Maren

Eder Maren is a small rest Age presumably owned by the D’ni man Naisem and one of several Ages he commissioned for his daughter, Maren. Appears to follow or copy some of the features of the many “Garden Binge” rest Ages. More details to come as mappings and historical documents are uncovered.

Restoration Log:

2014.10.05: Linking Books discovered in both Tonaisem and Naisemee as part of routine Age surveys. Small area holds promise for a quick restoration. Phase 1 begins.
2014.10.06: Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 begins. Will require some help with the gazebo and possibly the stairs.
2014.10.06a: Phase 2 complete. Phase 3 begins. Time to find out more about how this Age even works. Gazebo and stairs are in, but will need some serious restoration work.

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