Mysterious Age. Very little history has been found. Description pending more source material.

Restoration Log:

2011/07/08: Discovered in a Maintainer Protection Chamber along with the Ishveer War parable.
2014/05/25: Brought out of backlog storage after the loss of some previous projects.
2014/06/14: Phase 1 work proceeding. Initial mapping completed but basic history is hard to find.
2014/06/30: Might push this out of Phase 1 without the history. Just need the toxicity results back. It’d be good to walk around here without the suit. Whatever happened here doesn’t seem to be toxic.
2014/07/05: Moving to Phase 2. Nothing toxic in the Age. I don’t know much, but it seems that might be for the best.
2014/08/10: Phase 2 mostly complete. Structural concerns apparently unwarranted.
2014/08/12: Structural integrity tests complete. Not sure how, but this place is stable. Proceeding with Phase 3 work.

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