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Restoration Log

2009/10/13:  Age recovered on an expedition to the City Proper.
2009/10/24: Area where the Age was found appears to have been a private residence.
2009/12/03: Initial link made. Age appears stable. All readings show the area is safe.
2009/12/06: Soil tests come back with high toxicity. Access to the soil may need to be restricted.
2009/12/20: Further research shows the Age was a rest Age written for a D’ni man named Oomesh.
2010/01/08: According to the histories, the Age supported a large native population. Evidence in the Age suggests they were killed off.
2014/05/20: Age secure. Phase 1 work will begin soon.
2014/06/14: Focusing on Jonim and Ishveer. Suspended.
2014/07/06: Toxicity still high. Suspended until toxin levels can be reduced.