Sholek’s Temple

An area in the City Proper owned by the prophet Sholek. Served as a house and an area for Sholek to distribute his views on issues and his prophecies.

Restoration Log:

2010/06/02: Link recovered from Vasaran.
2010/06/04: Historical texts located.
2010/06/05: Initial cleanup performed. Books and documents cataloged and awaiting future restoration.
2010/06/20: Structure secured.
2010/07/18: Restoration largely complete. Lamps need work.
2010/08/01: Lamps partially restored.
2010/08/13: Auditorium area lights working properly.
2010/08/15: Restoration complete. Release.
2014/06/30: Found some stress fractures in the auditorium. I think I can do a better job restoring this as well. Holding back the updated biography document on Sholek until I can re-work the area. Re-work project is in Phase 4.
2014/07/04: Information from the Project has helped me isolate a flaw in the firemarbles here. Area looks much better now combined with the restored algae.
2015/03/06: I can try and figure out issues with getting it into the Nexus later. For now, tenative release.

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