Tharel is the family rest Age of Soshiren. The Age was allegedly written as Soshiren watched his would-be wife relaxing in a D’ni garden Age. The Age features a single densely-forested island. Much work remains to be done restoring this Age.

Restoration Log

2010/02/17: Suspended. Tunnels will need more work.
2014/05/20: Age secure, thank the maker. Suspended for now.
2014/07/06: Looks like some of the initial documents are wrong. Need to revert this back to Phase 1 for a while.
2014/08/10: Phase 1 approval. Still a few sources to track down, but I’ll clean that up in Phase 3.
2014/08/12: Phase 2 tests return positive. Age progresses to Phase 3. Still can’t get that door open..