Home Age of the vasara, a species of flying snakes with hallucinogenic venom. Commissioned around 5000 DE by the Healers to use the vasara venom to treat pain. Venom was hallucinogenic and addictive so it was rejected as an anesthetic. Age passed through the hands of numerous collectors before landing in the hands of Sholek in 7348 DE. Used for religious ceremonies during the time of Sholek. Afterwards, the history is unclear. Looks like some highly illicit stuff.

Restoration Log

2009/02/24: Age recovered from the Corridor Age.
2009/02/26: Link made. All tests came back fine. Starting Phase 1.
2009/03/13: Suspending any restoration. Not worth the risk.
2010/03/07: New information has come to light. Tentatively beginning Phase 1 work.
2014/05/20: Phase 1 work suspended for now.
2014/07/06: Work resumed. Phase 1 complete.
2015/03/06: Geologic analysis of the main island complete.