Fens is a large age I wrote in early May 2008. The age resides in a large basin which has filled with water and many forms of plant life. The Age is open to explorer cataloging of the species. Currently the Age is unreleased pending a more complete test of the environment. The age will eventually be an area to observe the changes in plant life and any wildlife. More data will appear on this page once cataloging of the Age’s flora and fauna is complete. The Age is now open the explorers. Enjoy!

Development Log

2007/12/01: Phase 1 underway. Concept completed. Researching.
2008/03/15: Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 underway.
2008/05/04: Phase 2 complete. Checking for errors.
2008/05/09: Phase 3 underway. Initial link completed. Opening age for explorer cataloging.
2008/06/12: Creating concepts for observation post.
2008/08/15: Deposits in rock test need further analysis. Water tests come back fine.
2008/10/12: Final Maintainer tests pass. Age released.
2008/10/20: Added Erik’s observations to the Age’s guide.
2014/05/20: Revisit found major changes to the Age’s flora and environment. Recommended that no explorers enter until toxicity results return.