The Warehouse

The Warehouse is the name given to a subterranean Age with large, naturally-sterile tubes. The Age has little water and a thin atmosphere, so it is an ideal environment for storing sensitive artifacts which would otherwise rot in a more humid environment. Modifications to the Age include the addition of nara doors to create partitioned vaults for artifacts.

Development Log

2007/12/10: The Office seems stable. Drawing up plans for a storage Age.
2008/02/14: Design concepts are complete.
2008/09/17: Descriptive book complete. Testing the link.
2008/09/19: All tests come back positive.
2008/09/27: Linking books finished. Descriptive book brought here for storage.
2008/09/29: Age is now in Phase 4.
2008/11/14: Finished assembly of Vault I. Descriptive book moved there.
2009/03/14: Additional vaults completed. Vault X will be the last one for now.
2009/03/20: Age complete. Held back from public access. Suspended.
2014/06/14: Environmental conditions render Age unsuitable. Moving materials to the Icthus facility in Eder Jonim.