Toroolbah I

Toroolbah is my home Age. The name comes from a combination of the D’ni words for “cold” (torihnai/torinI/TOR-ih-NAI) and “office” (oolbah/Ulba/OOL-bah). The Age consists primarily of a large, arctic island. The island has rare seismic activity and my office has moved a couple times because of this. Toroolbah I refers to the area I am currently using for my office.

Development Log

2007/01/07: Beginning work on the Age concept.
2007/01/14: Concept maps created.
2007/02/16: Design concepts completed.
2007/03/21: Overall evaluation complete.
2007/04/01: Concept is deemed finished. Beginning work on writing the Age in a blank practice book.
2007/08/28: Book of commentary finished and placed in the Warehouse.
2007/08/30: Age book complete. Test link showed all clear.
2007/09/01: First room secured. D’ni extruders helped excavate quickly.
2007/09/03: Windows, lights installed. Measurements show heat source nearby..
2007/09/04: Basic construction completed thanks to a natural cliff and imported D’ni mining technology.
2007/09/19: Need a development phase list similar to the DRC restoration phases.
2007/09/29: Office now in phase 4. Decided to name it Jeruthsehv. “Possibility Age.”
2007/11/18: Linked to the office to find it badly damaged.
2007/11/20: Integrity tests came back negative. All equipment to be moved to the Warehouse. New, more stable location found on the north side of the island.
2007/11/24: Area now clear. Began construction in area II. Large crevasse found during tunneling.
2007/12/09: Seismic sensors reported a tremor in the crevasse.
2007/12/10: Small cracks have been appearing in the walls since the tremor. Been noticing some odd flashes in the distance.
2007/12/26: Decided to keep a log on the flashes.
2008/01/02: Sensors report tremors. No damage so far.
2008/01/16: Major tremor in the Age.
2008/01/19: Trying another idea for stability.
2008/01/20: Integrity tests still fail. Seems better to find another area. Nearer to the base of the island this time.
2008/02/03: New construction going well. I’d like to open some of the area up. Not really keen on having people go through my bedroom, though.
2008/02/28: Age name changed to Tor’oolbah or “cold office.” Noticed that the way the island is shaped in this area collects sound a lot better than my previous locations. Long, low calls of some type of whale can be heard easily.
2009/07/04: Finally finished a public area. Book sent to the Maintainers.
2014/05/20: Age degraded over my absence. Evacuated all surviving materials and looking for a new location to operate out of.