J’taeri Painter

Restored on 12/30/2007

A young D’ni man was walking through a park in J’taeri when he spotted an old man painting. The old man sat facing a wall which encircled the park. The young man shrugged at the strange old painter and went about his job. He returned later to find the painter still there. Again he shrugged and left. The next day, the young man did not have to work and so went to the park. There he found the old man still painting.

“What do you paint, diligent one?” He asked as he approached the old man from behind.

The old man turned to face the young and smiled. As he moved, the young man glimpsed the painting. It was a beautiful portrait of the King. Like a viewer[1] of the living man and the young man was shocked.

“Your clothes show you are of the lower classes. You have never seen the king as I have. From whom did you steal that painting?”

The old man continued smiling. “I paint what inspires me. It moves me. It gives me purpose. God shows me the King so I may glorify them both.”

And so it continued until the old man died and the paintings went to the Guild and eventually to the King when he saw them. And the young man continued until he died and neither God nor the King knew of him.


*1 – Literally it is the abstract noun-forming suffix -tahv attached to the verb “to view” not “to see” but view so it literally is the noun that views. It seemed, in the context, that it was like the painter had a portal or a viewer to look at the King the detail was so fine but no it didn’t specify an imaging device.
*2 – The works all said “Yahvo”. However as Yahvo is the D’ni’s god, it seemed like the translation would be incomplete if it were left.