Likahth’s Story

Restored on 3/02/2008

In the year 3908, a man named Likahth was apprenticing with three of his friends under a wealthy shopkeeper named Te’erah. Likahth had been friends with them since first schooling[1] and they were both in the same portion.[2]

While Te’erah rewarded them well for their work, Likahth found out from some older workers that Te’erah had many women and carried out relationships with them. When he learned of this, Likahth went to his friends and asked if they knew. The first friend had been here before Likahth and said that he had no knowledge of it but that something had to be done. The second friend felt it wasn’t his business. The third friend said he had been the one to organize the events.

So Likahth said to his first friend “How can you not know of this when it is so solid[3] with those who have been here longer?” and his friend had no answer. And to the second friend “How can it not be your business when your highest business is to honor God, and this man is a dishonor?” and his friend had no answer. And to the third friend “How can you call yourself D’ni when you commit such a sin and promote it?” and his friend had no answer.

And Likahth never spoke to the three again for he knew that it was his connection and love of God which was most needed. And so Likahth left Te’erah’s employment and Te’erah’s workshop was hit by a disaster and fell apart[4] and Likahth, who had performed his talents elsewhere, become one of the wealthiest of the D’ni.


*1: First schooling seems to mean the primary schooling all D’ni children had before choosing a Guild. Makes some sense as they all would have been from the same district, same class level, social level.

*2: Portion seems to mean something like class level. As in, they were all at Guild-level class (though, given the timeframe, I suppose they could have been beneficiaries of some of more open Guild practices.

*3: Solid seems to be used to mean “well known” or obvious.

*4:Really muddy here in terms of details. Probably from endless re-tellings. No idea what work Te’erah was into, what kind of a disaster (physical, moral, financial) hit it or what “fell apart” meant.