Low Speaker’s Story

Restored on 03/06/2008

Our people were lowered this day. The armored men came silently. Their eyes glowing bright green. They made a long straight line along the shore they appeared from and each drew a large tube from their armor. At a command the tube produced a deadly fog. Those who returned told of a horrible sensation. On the skin it felt like fire and in the lungs felt like water. Those who burned and drowned and lived have no sense remaining in them. They say they hear their laughter in their sleep. Metallic mechanic laughter. Nothing we try stops them. They kill our negotiators[1]. They survive in all environments. Their armor repels our weapons. Some have taken refuge in our old homes and the secret caverns. The D’ni do not know of them. We can rebuild.


*1 – The word used is “shorahtahn”