The Brother’s Story

Restored on 03/02/2008

Two brothers, Hovir and Ti’ajev, once lived in D’ni. They were considered lucky because they had been born at the same time. Both lived identical lives having the same styles, the same manners, going to the same school, joining the same guild and rising to the same rank. It was said that they were as impossible to separate as they were to tell apart.

One day, however, a beautiful girl fell in love with Ti’ajev and they were married. Hovir found that his brother no longer had time for him as he rose steadily in the guild ranks and Hovir became jealous. Ti’ajev, while busy, often could not find his brother when he was free and, seeing his brother’s jealousy, grew sad.

When his guildwork lessened, he went to a private age to think and had an idea. He called upon Hovir the evening of the next day.

“Your jealousy and my sadness brings shame to our family and dishonor to God, and we are each unhappy as we are. So let us switch places and see how the other fares.”

And Hovir agreed and the two swapped clothes and lists of friends. Ti’ajev took on a scowl and made sure to not appear too clean, while Hovir took a long bath and carried himself with a tall smile.[1] The two parted to the other’s dwelling. When Ti’ajev arrived at Hovir’s home, he found the house modest and well-fit to him. When Hovir arrived at Ti’ajev’s home, he found the luxury and beauty of all he dreamed of as well as the beautiful girl who had caught Hovir’s heart as it had his brother’s.
As time went on, the brothers becames good in their positions. Ti’ajev was glad to escape the duties of his job and family, while Hovir enjoyed those duties he had dreamed of.

The trick was carried on for one year. The brothers began to feel as the other had a year before. Ti’ajev grew bored with the tedious chores and the continued lack of his brother, while Hovir danced between his many duties and never fulfilled them well. So Hovir left for his brother’s private age to think and had an idea. He went to his old house to talk with his brother.

“It is curious that, while neither of us enjoyed our past jobs, neither can the other do the same jobs. So why do we each try and do alone what together we may do better?”

His brother agreed and they switched themselves again and returned to their proper houses and fulfilled their duties on their own for one year before they felt they needed the other’s help. And so, when Ti’ajev felt he had enough of his high-level tasks, he would consult with Hovir who had a tedious task he needed completed. And so the two served D’ni and God more and prospered more through each other. And, one day, God showed Hovir the path to a girl as beautiful as his brother’s.


*1 -Tall smile meaning big, I’m assuming.