The Midhom Story

The great event in the history of Midhom was the Unification. From as far into the mists of time as the oldest could recall Midhom had been a tattered web of tribes each like the grains of sand on the beaches. Ten thousand tribes, each claiming a piece of land and a way of life for ten thousand years. Never less and rarely more, the tribes of Midhom did battle and slaughtered for conquest though no one tribe won.

No tribe possessed the ability to do anything new until the day of the ten kings. Each from birth had spent time with the other nine experiencing their lives and playing with them as children will. Each born to each of the ten most powerful tribes and the ten most bitterly against one another. And so when they grew into men and commanded their tribes, they told them of their childhoods and how they could unite and be more powerful if they listened to each other.

But the other tribes learned of this and did the same and so the ten thousand tribes of Midhom became the thousand cities. And so it continued for years upon years and the cities battled along new lines of morality and understanding until the day ten new kings came to power. Each as the generation before had lived with the children of other cities and understood their problems and so told the people they then ruled that they could join together and help their people.

But again the other cities learned of this and taught the same and so the thousand cities of Midhom became the hundred states. And so it continued for years upon years and the states battled for dominance over the others and for riches to make their people happier until ten new kings came to power. As the generations before had, the kings had grown up with the children from other states and knew of the pain their states had caused and told their people that they could unite and stop the fighting which had harmed their people. But the other states heard of this as well and told their people the same and so the hundred states of Midhom became the ten nations.

And so this continued for years upon years with peace and trade between the nations. And during this time the Midhom came into contact with D’ni and learned of the many worlds beyond theirs. And then ten more kings were born. Each, unlike the previous generations, had done more than see their fellow nations. For the nations were happy and prosperous and the issues of morality and religion had been debated and agreements had been made.

There was little that anyone could find wrong in the nations. But these ten new kings had grown up seeing the D’ni and the great empire and learned of ages which were cogs in the great D’ni machine. And so they told their people that they could unite and trade with this great empire as an equal and to hear all sides. And so the ten nations of Midhom became the empire of Midhom. And the people kept the ten kings who never agreed on one thing, but understood and heard from their fellow kings. And so it continues for years upon years for the empire of Midhom is strong by its understanding.