The Sea Adventurer

Restored on 12/31/2007

One day an adventurous D’ni man went to the King[1] and declared he wanted to go on a grand voyage on the sea of a dangerous age to prove his love and faith in his King, his wife, and God. The King was hesitant and told the man of his foolishness.

“Go away. You will die on that journey and would serve me, your wife, and God better by living and helping D’ni to prosper.”

The adventurer frowned. “That may be true, my King, but were I to go, that I braved these dangers for my wife, King and God, regardless of the end, would that not be a testament to my faith?”

The King frowned now as well. “You have a strange view of faith. You may not go.”

And so the man left. However, by the night, God visited the King and told him to allow the voyage. And so it was. And the adventurer’s crew saw with him many wondrous things and learned much. And on the last day a storm took the adventurer and the crew returned minus only him. And though all of D’ni was sad, it was the hard[2] opinion of all that no one had greater faith.

*1 – The king in this piece seems to be Shomat. Though it’s unclear. It could also be Aylesh or Ja’kreen.
*2- When it reads “it was the strong opinion of all that no one had greater faith.” “strong” would be directly translated as “hard” or “hardest” in terms of density. I felt strong would be the more accurate translation.