The Soul Healer

Restored on 8/3/2008

Long ago, when Garternay was young, there lived alone and humbly a man known as the soul healer. The man’s face was slightly wrinkled, his chin was long and pointed, his eyes closed and sunk deep for he was blind. By God’s grace, however, he was a master at seeing into people’s souls. One day a man came to the small house and talked to the soul healer.

“I honor and love God by buying from the poor and giving donations where I can,” he said. “Yet I am still uneasy.”

“You place too much in your money,” the soul healer replied. “God sees what you do, not what you spend.”

The man left.

The next day another man came to the small house to talk to the soul healer. As the man approached him, the soul healer frowned.

“I will not let you into this house for your soul is tainted.”

“But I have come here for help!” the man protested. Nevertheless, the soul healer still turned him away and the man left, bitter and angry.

The next day a woman came to the small house.

“Why does my husband’s shop do so poorly when I work my hardest to help him?”

“Because you work for him and not for God,” the man said. “God loves your dedication to your husband, but you must make time for God as well. Remember that God is the one who brought you to each other and thank him for the days that he brings you.”

On the fourth day, a child came to the small house and spoke to the man.

“I love my mother and my father, but how do I love God?” he asked.

“How do you show that you love your parents?” the man asked.

“I tell them and make them little things.”

“And you do things that make them happy? You obey them?”

“Yes,” the child said. “But how do I talk to one I cannot see or give to someone who cannot reach out and hold?”

“God does not need to hear your voice to know you love him, though he can. He does not need to hold what you make to appreciate it. Simply tell him in your mind and he will know.”

On the fifth day, an ancient man came to the small house.

“I have lived for five hundred and twenty years and I have seen such cruelty and immorality from our people. Why did God not make us kinder and righteous?”

“Because that is for us to do. It is our greatest goal,” the soul healer said. “If we were perfect, what would we strive for?”

The old man left and the soul healer closed his door for the night and went to his bed. As he neared sleep, the man heard the noise of someone breaking down his door. He stood and addressed the intruder he could not see.

“Do you think God would approve of you harming me because I turned you away? Do you think your soul will look better to God through this achievement?”

And the man who the soul healer had turned away stopped and left, returning the next day to talk. This day the soul healer let him in.

“Why did you turn me away the first time?” the man asked.

“Because I saw your anger. That was in your soul.”

“Then why didn’t you let me in and tell me?”

“Because of all the ailments of the soul, anger is the most stubborn and must be dealt with by showing it. You saw your anger so now you will understand and heal your soul. Be kind, for that shows your honor of God. Anger leads to nothing but more of the same.”

And so the man left and did as the soul healer said and became one of the most revered of the Ronay. And the soul healer grew old and honored God by helping many more people. And when his days ended, the whole of Garternay was saddened.