Yulahm’s Story

Restored on 11/01/2008

Lord Rihn was a powerful and successful lord of D’ni and married a beautiful woman named Lakehn. Together they had a daughter who they named Yulahm. When she was old enough Lord Rihn arranged for her to be married to a handsome young D’ni man named Drinath and instructed Yulahm to wait in a large gilded room with a beauty flower[1] in her hands for the younger lord to arrive to marry her.

Every day the Lord Rihn’s servants would come telling of Drinath’s exploits in trying to reach her from where he lived in the age of Eder Rehlahno[2]. Five years passed and the flower wilted and Yulahm’s face grew wrinkled and tired.

One day a new servant by the name of Pajehl arrived. Yulahm was angry at hearing another tale of Drinath’s bravery fighting on the tenth age of the Er’manim set and yelled at the young man to leave. But Pajehl stayed and told her that Drinath would not come for he had not been fighting natives on D’ni ages but had married a younger and wealthier D’ni woman. And Yulahm looked older and angrier than she had for all the months she had waited and for all her life and she looked to her hands and saw the beauty flower had wilted and turned black and red in her wrinkled and aged hands. Yulahm cried in despair and Pajehl came to console her. And Yulahm accepted his hand on her shoulder and his sorrow for her even though he was a servant and the flower stirred and gave her hope. So the days went by and the elder servants told the stories of Drinath’s adventures and Pajehl told of his treachery.

Twenty-five years passed and Yulahm was tired of waiting and so she called her father’s five servants into the room and asked them each alone what Drinath had done that day. The first servant told her of his travels through the age of the Scale Forest[3] for the greatest of delicacies to be served at the wedding. The second servant told her of how he pulled a great lump of gold from the side of the Zehrath Beast for their wedding bands. The third servant told her a story about his victory over the ten kings of the age of Midhom to reclaim a gown worn by the first queen of D’ni for Yulahm to wear. The fourth servant told of his time scouring the age of Tharel for a blessed cord to bind them on the fifth day. Pajehl told her of Drinath’s further lies and his massacre of the natives in the age of Ishveer[4] and the burning of the age of Fohm’rehm[5].

And so Yulahm called in her father and revealed Drinath’s deception. And before them all Yulahm wept and looked older and older and she felt more and more tired. But Pajehl told Yulahm that she was beautiful and that the Maker would punish Drinath for looking over such a woman for wealth. And Lord Rihn protested for it was wrong for a servant to love one above him. But Yulahm smiled and took Pajehl’s hand and they stood and faced Lord Rihn as Yulahm’s face grew young and smooth again and the flower in her hands was revived and grew faster than the Great Tree itself. From it came Yahvo soaring through the building as a great golden bird spreading his wings over the whole of the golden room.

And the great bird looked through all: through the building, the rock, the City, the Ages, through all of the Great Tree for Drinath. And Yahvo came upon Drinath and saw that he was nothing but a hollow shell for Jakooth[6], and so made him into a hollow shell and the shell into dust.

And from the last remnant of Yahvo in Yulahm’s room came all that the lying servants had told Drinath had been retrieving. For the greatest food ever tasted in D’ni formed from the bird’s great wings and a pair of large golden bracelets formed from a pair of the bird’s golden feathers and a delicate gown of the finest cloth formed from the bird’s breath and a cord of strength un-matched in all of D’ni formed from the bird’s talons. And through the wedding ceremony all of D’ni recognized that the faith in Yahvo had kept Yulahm and had rewarded her beyond all lies.

[1] The beauty flower seems to be some symbol for the woman’s life energy. No other records I have show such a flower being used in ceremonies or even existing and is likely how the details of Yulahm’s health were blurred over time.

[2] The Age of Rehlahno (The High Water) was apparently owned by a Drinath and featured sculpted water unique to the Age (similar to the microbes on Riven, only it seems the Age didn’t use that to sculpt the water).

[3] Can’t find many mentions of this Age elsewhere. From what little I can find, the Age was a large forest of armored trees in which D’ni could hunt some of the large (and reportedly tasty) armored creatures there. Seems there were some very large hunting parties between D’ni noblemen with accompanying slaves being used to hunt the creatures (think big, armored fox hunting). Nothing mentioned of what the Maintainers thought of this, so it was likely an illicit age.

[4] See the Ishveer War document. Drinath seems to have been the equivalent of a general in that conflict and led the charge to destroy the population.

[5] A few mentions of this Age elsewhere along with what is best translated as “the trifecta”.

[6] The D’ni word for the Devil.