Progress Report

As mentioned at the All-Guild Meeting, Tosholek (Sholek’s Temple) is nearly ready for release. The only things holding it back are water quality tests and strange discolorations on the railings that might preclude structural weakness. I definitely plan to restore more of the area, particularly when Vasaran is closer to release, but for now I’m happy with the location. The final draft of the Sholek historical document is finished and placed in the area. The open pedestal is where (I hope!) to one day place a linking book to Vasaran.

In addition, Fens is nearing a stage when I feel comfortable releasing it. The Age feels so different than when I left. Many improvements have been made and I hope that the area is used as a meeting place and community area. I would love to see some concerts held on the giant shroom. It seems like a natural concert hall, to me. That Age is just waiting on a few pieces of art from Keith and a final catalogue of the plant and animal life there.

Today saw a massive burst in restoration activity. Ishveer tests came back and it is almost out of Phase 2. The Age is quite bizarre and I don’t fully understand how these results are possible, but they say the Age is stable and structurally sound. Just need to conduct some tests on the trees.

In addition, Tharel is progressing. The Age is out of Phase 1 and the rooms are nearly out of Phase 2, with the Island quickly behind it.

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